Lamelle Peels - Treating Pigmentation, Acne Scarring, Fine lines and wrinkles

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Product Review: Lamelle Peels 

Lamelle Peels are a range of chemical skin peels designed to treat specific skin conditions and achieve certain results. They are known for their effectiveness in boosting exfoliation and skin cell turnover, allowing healthy, new skin cells to grow. 

There are different types of Lamelle Peels, each working in slightly different ways to give you a unique result. For instance, the Lacti-firm peel, a lactic acid-based peel, is a fairly mild peel that gently strips away old cells on the skin surface to make space for new cell growth. It's combined with a plumping agent to help improve the skin's condition almost immediately. 

Another popular peel is the Alpha peel, widely used for treating sun-damaged skin. Its smaller molecular size allows for deeper penetration, resulting in a more intense tingling sensation during the five-minute treatment. 

Users have reported that their skin feels smooth, hydrated, and plump almost immediately after the treatment. The Lamelle Hydrating Facial, which includes the Lamelle Lacti-firm peel, has been described as "life-changing," leaving the skin feeling nourished, rejuvenated, and glowing. 

Customer Satisfaction Process 

Lamelle's approach to achieving customer satisfaction involves a thorough assessment of the individual's skin by expertly trained skincare therapists. This ensures that a specific peel or combination of peels and concentrations is chosen to best suit the individual's skin. 

Post-treatment care is also emphasized, with recommendations to keep applying moisturizer as directed to avoid tightness and dryness for the next few days. Products like Lamelle’s Barrier Repair Cream are suggested for post-peel moisturizing to promote the healing process. 

Overall, Lamelle Peels have received positive reviews for their effectiveness in treating various skin conditions and improving skin health. The brand's commitment to individualized treatment and post-care guidance further enhances customer satisfaction. 

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